It has started from observation. An elderly man working at the parking lot near University of Arts caught one’s attention by his hands movement. It turned out to be his job: by this adroit movements, he invites cars to ride in, showing that there are empty parking spots (after all, it’s the city center), while his younger colleague does all the talk and financial interactions with clients. 

Why is he doing this? Is he getting satisfactory amount of money or it keeps him from falling out of social functioning? What does his family think of it and does he have anyone to think of him? I had nothing but the character outline, and the thoughts about the man and his life were dominating over others. Scrolling the page with anonymous confessions, which I enjoyed to read at that time, I was thinking about which of these confessions may refer to him. 

This short movie was made with a distance for both camera lens and narration. Distant frames are accompanied by the statements published on the anonymous confessions webpage. They were recorded by different people with diverse emotions and effort.

Several hundred meters from Mr. Parking Man, Mr. Advertising Man was found. For days he was holding a free-standing advertising board. What this is about? Are there any legal issues prohibiting of placing the free-standing boards ? Grounded with his board, he could spend hours in one place. Large headphones separated him from the shoals of people floating by. It became the center of my obsessions. What could he listen to for hours?

They call him Mr. Concert Man. He is present at almost every free of charge cultural event mentioned in local cultural informator, from recreational concerts for seniors to experimental performances in student galleries. It makes him one of the biggest consumers of culture in the city. It’s time to shorten the distance, go out to the city with Mr. Concert Man and find out what does he think about all this.