Agata Sztorc

Katarzyna Mamos [ Greenpeace ]

Yuliia Andriichuk

Workshop hosters:
Mikołaj Maciejewski

Sylwia Janasz

As a part Eko-Starter project by Greenpeace Poland, Miejscownik was started to stimulate the local community to make real changes in the perception of environmental needs through engaging them in pro-ecological activities on their area of residence, hosted by young curators. 

The initiative took place Kalinowszczyzna, a district of Lublin with a reputation of not the safest area. Most streets are short of sitting places and people rarely impose close contacts within the neighbourhood. We invited all interested residents to classes – to get acquainted and spend some time together, sharing the tools while working and the bread during common meals. Some of them came to learn how to give a new life to home furniture, the rest was interested in creating resting places with renewed furniture in their neighbourhood. Apart of the new skills, most active participants has received hand-printed bags as a memory of this experience. 

After furniture renovation, a planting workshop took place. With a big interest, people has involved in honey plants spreading around the district and private houses. The involvement of people in the future of their district and even the future of the world was the best reward for all the effort put in this project. Workshop participants learned more about the life cycle of objects and their processing, as well as activities that could support bees, which play crucial role in ecosystems’ balance. 

It’s impossible to create an active community with one step, but we’ve put a good milestone to be amplified by the local House of Culture.