King Pompilius ruled an ancient Polish land. In his kingdom, he built a small chamber. In the chamber there was an instrument used not only to make unusual and mysterious sounds, but also to deter the greatest fear of the king– mice and bats (or flying mice, as he called them). Bellows of this strange instrument are supposedly pumped by organ-blowers, fish-people originating from an underground lake whose echoes secretly ring in the voice of the pipes. The court grey-haired wizard helped to construct the organ. He tuned the instrument listening to the squeaking and panting of rodents, revealing the musical and magical properties of the resonant glass. If you are also afraid of small rodents or just want to compose your own song consisting of amazing sounds, you can play the “Organ of King Pompilius”. It is an instrument built of around dozen bottles attached to special metal handrails. Did you know that glass bottles can also make sounds when you blow across their tops? This time you do not have to use your lungs. A hidden device that blows the air is pumping it inside the bottles – all you need to do is move the rubber tube with the glowing diode on the metal rails. Do you hear music coming out of the instrument? Please also pay attention to one important fact. While playing, the instrument produces light reflecting on the shiny walls.​